New RED updated on March 09, 2018


New standards in this version:

EN 300 674-2-2 V2.1.1 Transport and Traffic Telematics (TTT); Dedicated Short Range Communication (DSRC) transmission equipment (500 kbit/s / 250 kbit/s) operating in the 5 795 MHz to 5 815 MHz frequency band; Part 2: Harmonised Standard covering the essential requirements of article 3.2 of Directive 2014/ 53/EU; Sub-part 2: On-Board Units (OBU)

EN 300 718-2 V2.1.1 Avalanche Beacons operating at 457 kHz; Transmitter-receiver systems; Part 2: Harmonised Standard for features for emergency services

EN 302 054 V2.2.1 Meteorological Aids (Met Aids); Radiosondes to be used in the 400,15 MHz to 406 MHz frequency range with power levels ranging up to 200 mW; Harmonised Standard for access to radio spectrum.

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