Mozambique INCM Prohibiting The Use of Harmful Equipments to Telecom Services

The Telecommunications regulatory agency of Mozambique has adopted a provision prohibiting the use of harmful equipments to telecommunication services.

This provision in force since March 14, 2018 and promulgated by Press Release carries information to manufacturers, importers and users of electrocommunication and telecommunication equipment that the import, use and commercialization of the following devices are prohibited in the country;

1.     DECT 6.0 (or other) technology devices operating in the 1900 MHz- 2100 MHz frequency band (reserved for cell phones).
2.     Telecommunication equipment used for fraudulent purpose (such as SIM boxes).
3.     Equipment representing a risk for the health or for terrestrial, maritime or aeronautical mobile services.
4.     Equipment without a Declaration for Import from the INCM.
5.     Equipment not homologated or certified by the INCM.
6.     Equipment installed and use without prior technical inspection by the INCM is prohibited. Any non homologated equipment will be confiscated by the INCM.

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