SPRING Singapore News and FAQ Regarding Change of Safety Mark

International Enterprise (IE) Singapore and SPRING Singapore have merged to form Enterprise Singapore, effective April 1st, 2018. The SAFETY Mark has been updated in view of the formation of Enterprise Singapore.

The old and new safety mark are different. Color is changed from blue to red, font is changed from thin to thick, and position of the word “MARK” shifted from left to center

For new / Renew COC application that submitted before April 2nd, 2019, suppliers are strongly encouraged to affix the new version of the safety mark on their new batches of controlled goods as soon as possible. However, Enterprise Singapore does understand that suppliers may face logistic difficulties in doing so. Therefore it is not compulsory for controlled goods to have the new safety mark if they are undergoing new product registration/COC renewal prior to April 2nd, 2019

For new / Renew COC application that submitted after April 2nd, 2019, controlled goods must affix with new version of the safety mark. Registered supplier need to provide supporting documents (e.g. Rating label, product picture show marking, etc. ) to CABs during new/ renewal COC applications to show that the controlled goods are affixed with the updated safety mark. Without these supporting documents the product registration/ renewal will not be allowed to proceed.

For existing registered controlled goods, ideally, all existing registered controlled goods need to affix with new version of safety mark effect from April 2nd, 2019 onward. However, if supplier have excess stock of the registering controlled goods carrying with old version of the safety mark after April 2nd, 2019, they may continue to supply the controlled goods with old version of safety mark, but they will need to

  1. Cease producing components carrying the old safety mark as soon as possible
  2. When applies for CoC renewal after April 2nd, 2019, they will need to provide documentary proof that new registered goods carrying with new safety mark are being produced.

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