Thailand NBTC Introduce E-Label For Product With Display

Thailand National Broadcasting and Telecommunications Commission (NBTC) has introduced e-labeling for products with displays since February 2018.

Local suppliers can apply for permission from NBTC to apply self labeling either by printing or an electronic label.

Permission for e-label will be issued for local supplier and valid for 3 years.

Labeling condition for a Class A and Class B products can be seen in below:

For Class A equipment:


For Class B equipment:


Labeling conditions included the following:

  1. Dimension of label & logo per mm.
  2. Alphabet type is Cordia New size 11
  3. Supplier can increase/decrease the size of logo depending on the size of equipment.
  4. There should be maximum 5 steps to check e-label: Setting > General > About > Legal > Regulatory


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