Saudi Arabia SASO Recognition Certificate Now Required for Shipment of Selected Electricals

SASO has recently made an announcement regarding a new requirement for SASO Recognition Certificates which shall be effective from February 15th, 2018. This is a Mandatory Certificate to be accompanied with the CoC for clearance of the Shipment at the KSA Customs Ports/Borders.

This Recognition Certificate is issued by SASO based on a valid IECEE Test Report issued by a Certification Body Testing Laboratory (CBTL) (IECEE approved lab) and a valid IECEE CB Certificate issued by an National Certification Body (NCB) only.

This procedure covers the following products:
– Mobile Phones
– Mobile phone chargers and their parts

It is expected that the scope of this procedure will be extended to the following products within the second half of the year 2018:
– Water pumps
– Dishwashers
– Televisions
– Lighting products
– Electric motors
– Portable computers

Application documents required are:
1) Application form & signed and stamped letter
2) CB Test certificate (CBTC) & Test Report (CBTR) issued by a recognized IECEE CB scheme laboratory (CBTL)
3) Test Reports covering the national deviations in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia for the product
4) A Factory Inspection Report (FIR)* shall be submitted if the validity of the CBTC is less than 3 years, the FIR shall not be older than one year.
5) Pictures of the product
6) Dimensions of the product

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