SIEMIC has over 11 years in the business of international regulatory compliance testing, certification, and international approvals for IT equipment, wireless/telecom devices, and consumer electrical and electronic devices. SIEMIC offers the highest quality and most cost-effective turnkey solutions for compliance engineering services, to access worldwide markets.

Here at SIEMIC, headquartered in the heart of Silicon Valley, with superior facilities and branch offices strategically located across the Pacific Ocean, is one of the leading independent compliance testing and product certification body providing truly one-stop shop services for worldwide market access.

SIEMIC US Headquarters location – Silicon Valley – 775 Montague Expressway, Milpitas, CA 95035, United States

SIEMIC China location - Nanjing - No.21, Longcang Boulevard, Yuhua Economic Development Area, Nanjing

SIEMIC China location - Beijing - BUPT. No. 10 XiTuCheng Street, Haidian District, Beijing, China 100876

SIEMIC China location - Shanghai - Unit 1518 ,Yongsheng Tower, No.2025 West Zhongshan Road, Xuhui District ,Shanghai 200235

SIEMIC China location - Shenzhen - Zone A, Floor 1, Building 2, Wanyelong Sci-Tech. Park, South of Zhoushi Road, Shiyan Sub-district, Bao′an District, Shenzhen

SIEMIC Taiwan location - Taiyuan - 1F, No.55, Ln. 260, Sec. 3, Ren' ai Rd., Luzhu Township, Taoyuan County, 338, Taiwan

Yes, SIEMIC has three test labs offering a full array of onsite compliance testing, including 3m and 10m EMC/EMI chambers, located in the Silicon Valley area of California, USA, and at two strategic locations in China, near Shanghai and Shenzhen. In addition, SIEMIC has dedicated certification service offices located in Beijing, China; Seoul, South Korea; and near Taipei, Taiwan.

SIEMICS Milpitas location office hours are Monday- Friday 8am- 5pm PST. You can contact us by phone: 1-408-526-1188 and or email us at info@SIEMIC.com

We will respond to your inquiry as soon as we can (usually within 24 hours).