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Mobile product is a general name for those products that are mobile and use wireless technology, this becomes more and more popular, especially because of the use of smart phone, or related products. Their signals occupy and travel in the air space.

Example Product Wireless Router, Mobile Phone, Wireless Access Point, 3G/4G Modem, etc.
Operating Frequencies 700MHz, 750MHz, 800MHz, 850MHz, 900MHz, 1700MHz, 1800MHz, 1900MHz, 2100MHz, 2500MHz, etc.
EMC Standard EN 301 489 Electromagnetic Compatibility (EMC) standard for radio equipment and services; Part 1: Common technical requirements
FCC Part 15B Unintentional radiators
Safety Standard EN 60950/UL 60950/C22.2 No.60950 Information technology equipment - Safety -- Part 1: General requirements
Radio Standard EN 301 511 Harmonized EN for mobile stations in the GSM 900 and GSM 1800 bands covering essential requirements under article 3.2 of the R&TTE directive (1999/5/EC)
EN 301 908 Harmonized EN covering the essential requirements of article 3.2 of the R&TTE Directive; Part 1: Introduction and common requirements
FCC Part22 Public mobile service
FCC Part24 Personal communication services
FCC Part27 Miscellaneous wireless communications services
RSS 133 - 2 GHz Personal Communications Services
Telecom Standard Please see telecommunications industry listing for standards, if incorporated in device

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